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Grace Hopper Celebration 2019

Oct 1, 2019 Conferences

I feel fortunate enough to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration this year the second time in a row. My first visit to GHC was as naive student in 2018 but this time around, I returned as a confident #futureshaper to help my Honeywell team. This is not just a conference but a get together of 25k smart women. It was a pleasure to mentor my UF juniors for GHC. This is a perfect opportunity for women tech enthusiasts to learn, network & make some everlasting connections.

Tech Symposium Experience

May 24, 2019 Conferences

It was a great honor to be one of the 300 technologists selected to attend Technology Symposium this year. Definitely a proud moment to see my idea get shortlisted as one of the best 28 tech ideas, to lead one of the 5 finalists Hack-a-thon teams & to make it to the top 2 finalists within SPS. Overall, it was a great experience for learning, networking & emerging as a confident future shaper.

Lunch & Learn: The Art of Networking

July 18, 2019 Public Speaking

I got the opportunity to give a talk on 'The Art of Networking'. I was invited by the Women's network group to give a workshop on the importance of networking. I shared my story, some video clips of relatable situations and of course, some of the day-to-day networking hacks.

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