Hello! I'm

Sakshi Dubey

A pioneer Software Engineering Leader in Robotics, Data and Automation

Sakshi Dubey


TEDx Speaker | TEDx Georgia Tech'22
"Women in Computing: Is it Really a Rocket Science?" | Apr 2022

Speaker | WIT Honeywell HQ Quarterly Event'21
"Honeywell Robotics and Engineering Journey" | Aug 2021

Speaker | WIAD Conference Atlanta'21
"Driving Curiosity via Artificial Intelligence" | Feb 2021

Panelist | Hack-a-thon Jury Member
"Honeywell Engineering Eearly Career" | Jan 2021

Speaker | HON Women's Network Tech Talk
"Robotics as Emerging Use case of Artificial Intelligence and Importance of Virtual Networking" | Dec 2020

Speaker | Grace Hopper Conference Seminar
"Ace the Virtual GHC" | Sep 2020

Speaker | WIAD Atlanta Conference
"Beginner's Guide to Artificial Intelligence" | Feb 2020

Panelist | WIAD Atlanta Conference
"Importance of Information Architecture in Technology" | Feb 2020

Award Winner | Honeywell Tech Symposium Conference
Winner of SPS Tech Symposium and invited in the Honeywell Annual Conference of top 300 executive members | May 2019

Panelist | HON Find Your Fit Event
"Find Your Fit in Early Career Engineering"| Mar 2019

Panelist | WIT Networking Event
"Honeywell cross SBG Networking Event" | 2019

Jury Member | HON GA Tech Event
Member of Honeywell as Gold Sponsor representing Team to provide scholarship to Georgia Tech students | 2019

Jury Member | STEM Symposium
"Encouraging scientific ideas and STEM education in Primary schools" | 2019

Panelist | Girl Who Code
"Coding Basic to Girl Who Code" | 2019

Panelist | Imposter Syndrome Event
"HCE Quarterly Event on Imposter Syndrome" | 2019

Speaker | HCE HQ Lunch and Learn event
"The Art of Networking" | 2019

Speaker | Honeywell Technical Session
"A Beginner's Guide to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence" | 2019


Director | Model United Nations
Secretary | UF Indian Stuudent Graduate Association
Junior Executive Board Member | UF Data Science and Informatics
Lead Team Member | Honeywell Women's Network
Team Member | UF Badminton Club
Team Member | Jaypee Youth Club
Student Leader | Microsoft Student Partner


MODEX Robotics Conference 2022
Honeywell Engineering Conference | Quantum Technology 2021
Grace Hopper Celebrations 2020
Women in Tech Atlanta | Entry to C-level Executives 2020
AWS Summit Atlanta 2019
Grace Hopper Celebrations 2019
Refactor R Conference 2019
Atlanta Cloud Meetup | Kubeflow Technology 2019
Grace Hopper Celebrations 2018
Tapia Conference 2018
Society of Women in Engineering 2018
International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3) 2015
International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication( ICSC) 2015
International Conference on Life Sciences, Informatics, Food and Environment 2014